We are the “Tkumat Rashkov” NGO, the initiative group, led by Yosef Dudelzon (Israeli citizen, native of Rybnitsa, Moldova, with roots from Rashkov), created some time ago in order to support and restore one of the most significant Jewish sites in Moldova – Rashkov.
Rashkov is one of the oldest inhabited localities in Moldova. The first mention is dated with 1402 while archeological excavations discovered here a settlement dated back to 40 000 years BC!
Here in Rashkov for centuries peacefully coexisted Jewish, Catholic and Orthodox communities. This place is of a special value for the European and world Jewish history: here had been established and existed until 1930s one of the first Hassidiс courts of Rashkover Rabbis, here had been written the first Hassidic book “Toldot Yaakov Yossef”.
Till today here you can see the unique traces of the Jewish presence: the ruins of the baroque synagogue, built in 1749 (in the lifetime of Baal Shem Tov!) and relatively well kept rests of the old Jewish cemetery, dated at least back to the 18th cent.
To our regret, these items of outstanding Jewish heritage are in danger. Our dreams, hopes and plans are to return Rashkov, the gem of the Jewish heritage of European and world level, to its rightful place.
To this end we maintain a regular tourist route for tourists from all over the world; we are elaborating an architectural project of conservation of the synagogue’s ruins and hope to restore it once in all its former glory and to open here a museum of Jewish Rashkov; we are planning to clean, preserve, and list both Jewish cemeteries: the old and new ones; and, eventually, all our efforts are aimed to the final goal to support and promote Rashkov as a site of the world significance. On the other hand right now we are doing what we are able to implement on volunteer basis and for our own money. We are trying to fundraise the idea for further steps.
For any details you are welcome to contact us directly:

Yosef Dudelzon,
Tkumat Rashkov,

An Expert Opinion on the Great Synagogue in Rashkov (open)


Flag of Israel near the walls of the unique synagogue in Rashkov village, it brought by the initiative non-commercial group (tkumatrashkov)

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